API and Encryption Key Management Made Easy

API and Encryption Key Management Made Easy
Secure your Drupal, WordPress & Enterprise sites

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What is Lockr?

Lockr is the first hosted API & encryption key management for modern content management systems like Drupal and WordPress, providing an affordable solutions for all sites to properly manage access and encryption keys. Lockr's offsite key management solution protects against critical vulnerabilities, delivers best-practice security to help sites comply with many industry regulations, and provides a Defense in Depth approach to securing your data. And best of all, even though it delivers enterprise-grade key management, your first key and 1500 key requests are free!




Lockr makes it easy to setup and configure, it just takes minutes! We do all the hard work by integrating directly with your hosting provider. This means no setup, no certificates to download and no API keys. Just install the modules for your CMS and let Lockr take care of the rest.




Safe and Secure offsite key storage Lockr uses information unique to each site and each provider to encrypt the values before storing off site, this prevents us from knowing one key from the next and adds an additional layer of security to the process. Backed by Townsend Security’s FIPS 104-2 compliant key manager, your keys are secured to industry best standards!



Available when you need it with 99.9% uptime guaranteed, regular backups, multiple region redundancy and it works with ANY key.

Quick Stats

Your website's security is more important than you might think. For companies of all shapes and sizes, one data breach can cost big...don’t believe us? Check out these numbers.

Average cost per single record lost or stolen
Average # of days before cyberattack is noticed
Number of cyber threats each day
Records lost or stolen in 2015



$ 0
  • 1st key is free
  • Up to 1500 requests per month (aggregate across all keys)
  • Email and Slack Support

*additional keys are charged at $1 per key


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  • High volume of key requests
  • Dedicated key management environment
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime and availability SLA
  • Management and support of key environment
  • High Availability Support: Email, Chat, Phone

Lockr makes key management easy, so does our pricing. First key is free and we only charge you for requests once you go over 1500/month, so get started today.

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